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Ayurvedic treatments are the perfect remedy for modern day maladies, which are mostly stress related.


Ayurvedic treatments have great relevance today as the change in eating habits and modern life styles have made even the very young prone to ailments like Obesity, Spondylitis, Diabetes, Arthritis, and Premature Aging etc. Ayurvedic treatments relax and rejuvenate by detoxifying the body. Regular treatment results in physiological and psychological well being. The natural ingredients used in the treatments result in increase of immunity and have no side effects.
Ayurvedic treatments and medicinal massages are offered at HSSK Ayurvedic treatment centre. Highly motivated and committed team of doctors and therapists ensure the highest levels in the quality of treatment. The special health and beauty care packages are specifically designed to treat modern day maladies like stress, respiratory problems, eye ailments and skin diseases.